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Vice President, Community Outreach & Marketing Coordinator, Integration Facilitator

Blaire Zika

A writer, artist and creative, Blaire’s highly sensitive and empathic nature allow her to feel and experience life most intimately through her intuitive relationship with the 5 senses. 


Deeply spiritual, and eternally curious, Blaire immerses herself, and the journeyers she guides, within the exploration of the human experience, holding the intention of journeying to locate, and excavate, a deeper purpose from within the wisdom teachings of our most painful experiences. 


Blaire holds the belief that the power of community, connection and conversation birth boundless potential for deeper healing, awareness and acceptance of our personal journeys through life while expanding our understanding, perspectives, compassion and acceptance of our fellow travelers.


Having navigated her own complex healing journey, Blaire intends to hold a space where all Beings may feel safe, seen, witnessed and held as they explore their own, unique life experience.


“I am simply a fellow traveler walking beside you upon the vast landscapes of this remarkable Earth Experience, and have explored the bounds of my own inner and outer landscapes with great devotion over the past 7 years; many of those travels having been explored with the guidance of beautiful and powerful psychedelic medicines. 


My initiation into the portal of my own healing journey was birthed from an incredibly tragic and painful experience, following my partner’s choice ~ a United States Marine Corp Veteran ~ to exit his earth body through the completion of suicide. From a space of absolute surrender, it was that exact moment in time that became my portal of entry into the shamanic realms of guiding deeply transformative psychedelic healing journeys.   


My travels through the dark waters of great transformation have returned me to the truth of my love, and it is that same gift that I have been guided to offer to all who feel called to receive it. After all, we are simply fellow travelers walking each other home on the path towards our fullest, most vibrant, and unapologetically authentic Self.”

Blaire's Journey Guide Experience + Qualifications:

~ A full Mesa carrier and graduate of 

Sky Spirit Shamans; Ayllu 4

~ Ceremonial Hand Poke Tattoo Artist

~ Usui Holy Fire Reiki III Master

~ Karuna Reiki III Master

~ Shamanic Breathwork Guide

~ Somatic Breathwork Guide; The Bodhi Method

~ Certified Grief Counselor; The Grief Recovery Institute

~ Founder and Journey Guide of The Wild Dark Mystery School of Initiation + Alchemy, which also offers healing retreat experiences and community talking circles focusing on The Earth School Perspective


"I believe it is the divine right of all Beings to explore their most vibrant, expansive and unapologetic journeys as they walk the landscapes of this Earth Experience free from harm. All Beings are inherently worthy of activating their deepest healing experiences as they journey forward into the portal of absolute freedom and liberation from their suffering. The sacred nature of psychedelic medicines, offered from the dark womb of Great Earth Mother, hold the energetic gift of permission to journey beyond the story…beyond the thinking mind, so that travelers may explore ~ with profound clarity ~ the boundless and limitless nature of their most expansive Self, as they release all attachments to their perceived illusion(s) of separation. Psychedelic medicines offer the experiential evidence that all of creation is, has been, and always will be, magnificently woven together. We walk pata y pata -step by step- para el bien de todos -for the good of all- back to the union of our Souls; back to our Love.” 

~Blaire Zika

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