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"Integration refers to the process by which the material accessed, and insights gained in an entheogenic experience, are incorporated over time in a way that benefits the individual and the community."

-ERIE (Entheogenic Research Integration and Education)


Integration Circles will be held every Wednesday, 5:30 - 7 pm, at The Studio Reno (1085 S Virginia in the Tea Lounge room). This will be a safe and confidential space for people to process, discuss and share about non-ordinary states of consciousness.


We invite you to stay after for The Studio's Tea & Elixir Lounge -- Reno's only late-night establishment offering specialty teas, elixirs & great vibes!

Peer Support for Addiction Circle

Are you interested in learning how psychedelic medicines can be helpful with addictive behaviors and patterns? Most of us struggle with some form of addictive behavior—whether it be with technology, substances, or compulsive mental patterns. If you’re struggling with addictive behaviors, or if you have helpful guidance to share with others based on personal experience, we invite you to a safe and confidential space where we can support each other on the journey! (NOTE: These are sober sessions offered for emotional support. We are not providing psychotherapy, medical advice, or substance abuse counseling.)

Symbols & Meaning Circle (Ullman Method)

"As my journey…” Approach to Psychedelic Integration.

This integration circle is based on the Ullman method and has typically been used for nighttime dreams. This circle is for those who are curious about finding meaning from the messages, images, symbols, stories, etc. from their psychedelic experience. The messages of the unconscious are not always clear and we may have to work to understand them. Using the Ullman approach, the individual shares their experience to the extent they are comfortable, and others may share their ideas about the journey by projecting as if it were their own, always responding, “If this were my journey, . . .” The power of this process is that by hearing others' projections, the person sharing opens up to new ideas that resonate with them in a way they could not have done on their own. The person sharing their journey experience decides what it means to them. They may resonate with some reflections and not resonate with others. That is okay.

Beyond the Journey

This integration circle focuses on the importance of the experiences surrounding the psychedelic medicine journey itself. This educational circle discusses topics such as: "Set, Setting, Integration + Embodiment," ethical practices, medicine journeys as a means to bypass the deeper healing, cultivating a relationship with the medicine, and the importance of harm-reduction.

If you'd like to connect online with our group between meetings, and stay up to date on Book Club and Integration Circles, we invite you to join the slack channel!

SPS Peer-Led Integration Circles


Our Philosophy​​

  • Community. We believe that sharing and reflecting on the members’ psychedelic experiences within supportive, compassionate, non-judgmental, and respectful groups supports the community aspect of our mission.

  • Transformation. Integration circles create a safe space for open dialogue about participants’ experiences with altered states of consciousness, and we believe that integration is a key component to the transformational potential of psychedelic experiences. Processing the emotions that arise, and working with the images and symbols that may present during altered states, can help us make meaning from these experiences so that we may learn from the information that comes up. Challenging is not bad. 

  • Acceptance. We believe in a diversity of members, group techniques, and healing journeys. All are welcome–we celebrate you as you are.


Guidelines & Rules of Conduct

  • Confidentiality. What is shared in a circle is to be held in strict confidence.

  • Peer support. The objective of the community integration circles is to offer a peer-support environment. While peer-led groups have a myriad of benefits they are not substitutes for therapy or professional mental health services, and do not attempt to provide either. If a situation arises that could be better addressed by a professional, we may refer you to a friendly resource such as Psychedelic Support Network or MAPS Integration List.
    (Taken from: 

  • No crosstalk. Keep reflections focused on the person who is sharing.

  • Be mindful of the time. Please be aware of the allotted time so that everyone who would like to share has time to do so. Depending on the number in attendance, we often allot about 5 min per share, with about 2 min for reflections.

  • Respect. There is a difference between offering reflections and giving unsolicited advice. Avoid using phrases like “you should…” Instead, we encourage you to use language like “sometimes I find it helpful…”

  • Accordance with the law. This is not a place to source illegal substances. We are actively working to change the law, but in the meantime, we are abiding by the rules in order to keep our group safe.


"What should I expect at an integration circle?"


An integration circle generally ranges from about 5-10 people who have gathered to share and offer reflections on experiences relating to altered states of consciousness. Sometimes individuals may want to process a recent journey, while others may still be unpacking the meaning of a journey from years prior. There is no obligation to share or to offer reflections–often the discussion of another’s journey can yield valuable insight into our own. We simply ask that you keep what is shared in the circle confidential.

SPS circles begin with an intention to create a safe space for sharing, and depending on the facilitator, they may have an altar for participants to place objects and sharing tools such as a talking stick. They generally run for 1.5 hours.

  1. Welcome by the facilitator

  2. Definition of “psychedelic integration”/SPS philosophy

  3. Disclaimer about peer-led nature and not therapy & reminder about confidentiality

  4. Centering meditation

  5. Participant Introductions (name, brief sharing on experience w/psychedelics, what brought them to group, etc.)

  6. Guidelines (may be different for each type of integration circle)

  7. Sharing

  8. Conclusion & final announcements

  9. Closing meditation 


Participants are strongly encouraged to research their own path and do their own research on what may be the safest and best experiences for them. Sierra Psychedelic Society DOES NOT encourage, endorse, or promote any illegal activities or reckless drug use, and bears no responsibility for anyone's decision to do so. This material is provided for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of a licensed healthcare professional regarding any questions you have, and before making any healthcare-related decisions.  


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