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Taylor Atkins (they/them)

Hello! I’m currently studying psychology and neurology with special interest in integrative medicine. I have personal and hands-on experience working in the field of mental health and have been working as a mental health tech for the last year at Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital. I am very passionate about the healing powers of plant medicine, the importance of setting intentions, and the necessity for integrative work. I view psychedelics as a key to expanding consciousness and evolving humanity and our planet.


I love creating safe spaces for people to connect and speak openly. I enjoy using tarot cards as a therapeutic tool, and I am interested in many modes of homeopathic medicine including sound healing, reiki, energy healing, chakra work, herbalism, meditation, breath work, and more. You can find me hanging out at the Tea Lounge, doing yoga, and hiking. My highest purpose is to help create change in this world and I am thrilled to be part of this community. 

Secretary, Integration Facilitator

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