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Director, Community Outreach,
Integration Facilitator, Secretary

Taylor Atkins (she/they)

Taylor Atkins is a dedicated integration facilitator, integrative coach, certified behavioral health technician, and Reiki practitioner. With a passion for supporting individuals on their healing journeys, Taylor brings a compassionate and wholistic approach to their work.


Drawing on a diverse background in psychology, mindfulness practices, and energy healing, Taylor assists individuals in integrating transformative experiences and navigating the complexities of personal growth. Their expertise lies in creating safe and supportive spaces for individuals who have had profound experiences with psychedelics or other consciousness-expanding modalities.


As an integration facilitator, Taylor understands the importance of providing guidance and tools to help individuals process and integrate their psychedelic experiences. Through personalized coaching sessions, they help clients explore the insights, emotions, and challenges that arise, enabling them to incorporate these experiences into their daily lives and foster lasting positive change.


With a deep respect for the mind-body connection, Taylor also integrates Reiki energy healing into their practice. They believe in the power of energetic balance and work with clients to release blockages, promote self-healing, and cultivate overall well-being.


Alongside their professional pursuits, Taylor is committed to ongoing education and staying informed about the latest advancements in psychedelic research, therapy, and integration practices. They actively participate in workshops, conferences, and collaborative projects within the psychedelic community, continuously expanding their knowledge and skills.


Taylor's warm and empathetic nature, combined with their extensive experience and diverse skill set, make them a trusted ally for those seeking support and guidance in their healing and integration journeys. Whether you’re looking to navigate psychedelic experiences, enhance personal growth, or find balance in life, Taylor Atkins is dedicated to helping you cultivate resilience, empowerment, and inner transformation.

Connect with Taylor at:

Secretary, Integration Facilitator

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