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Walker Sauls

Walker Sauls is the founder and head cultivator of local gourmet mushroom business, Biggest Little Mushrooms. After living in Oregon for 4 years and learning about all types of fungi, Walker brought his newfound interest and knowledge back to his hometown of Reno, NV.


Over the years, he has experienced and seen first hand the potential of plant medicine to help people heal, find balance, and expand as individuals. This put him on a path of curiosity and learning how these medicines work, how one can go about utilizing them for the best outcome, and how these experiences can be had by anyone who feels called. As the road becomes clear in both legality and research, Walker's hope is that these medicines will help raise the consciousness of humanity and facilitate a deeper connection to each other as well as to the planet. "As within, so without.”


Walker is also the Exec. Director of GreenVibe, an Environmental nonprofit based in Reno whose mission is 'to inspire a lifestyle that is beneficial to both humanity and the planet.’

Mycology Consultant & Board Member

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