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SB242 has been signed into law by Governor Lombardo! We celebrate this historic moment in Nevada as we continue to advance psychedelic legislation in our state. Thank you all for your enduring support, testimonies, and financial contributions--your help has been invaluable! Read the full text of SB242 here.


Sierra Psychedelic Society is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on building community, providing education, and promoting risk management around psychedelic medicines. We believe in healing loudly - together we can make a difference!


"Fentanyl is in everything," said Morgan Green from Nevada Opioid Response on KUNR. Be advised that Fentanyl is specifically showing up in MDMA (Ecstasy). For a map of fentanyl test strip distribution sites, click HERE.


Growth Pioneers Podcast features Sierra Psychedelic Society

Click the links below to listen to this powerful conversation about advocating for psychedelic medicine, the neuroscience behind the healing properties, and benefits to first responders and veterans. Doug Erwin and Kate Cotter also dive deep into the importance of education and integration, as well as the current state of policy in Nevada regarding SB242.

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“In many, many ways, all of us are indebted to Indigenous peoples and their traditions and their knowledge when we are interested in these medicines.”


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