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Secretary, Integration Facilitator

Grace Moore (She/Her)

Grace Moore is a Reiki Master Teacher and an Artist.  With ancestral roots in Texas, Grace grew up in Washington D.C. and lived in Hawaii and Europe before finding her true home in Reno where she’s lived for 25 years. Grace has a double major in Art History and Psychology from Emory University. 

After an early career as Art Director of a corporate graphic design studio, Grace turned her attention to motherhood. When her child was diagnosed with severe food allergies, she rallied local parents and created a non-profit group for support and education, helping new parents and schools to navigate the rise of food allergy in young children. So began her focus on helping people navigate life’s challenging times.  

After ten years as the Director, or serving on the Board, she left the food allergy world to explore deeper realms of the human experience. She worked for 14 years through the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada to lead their small group ministry and women’s retreats. She has also been active in social justice advocacy work at UU.  

At the same time, Grace trained in Reiki and became a practitioner and teacher. Through this professional path, she began a monthly art self-reflection gathering, New Moon Art, to support taking time for attention to our inner worlds.  Her focus has been on holding trauma-informed safe space for her clients and students, helping them to live into radical self-care, awareness, and empowerment.  

Grace also currently leads a support group at Our Center in Reno for parents of transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming kids.  Her own personal experience in this area over the last several years has challenged and changed much of the enculturation she was raised with, and her beliefs about gender and the world.

Most recently, Grace has become a student of plant medicine and the use of psychedelic-assisted therapies in healing childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Grace enjoys helping others use art and creative reflection as tools for the integration of expanded state experiences.  

Grace loves sunsets, moon rises, mountain views and summits, standing in the tall trees, walking next to creeks and ocean waves. She is an advocate for sustainable living and local food. 

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