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Kate Cotter

Kate Cotter is a semi-retired professional singer-songwriter and life-long creative. She has been researching psychedelic medicines for over 15 years and is passionate about their healing potential for treating conditions such as trauma, addiction, depression, and anxiety, in addition to offering profound opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Kate is dedicated to bringing awareness, building community, providing education, and promoting risk management around psychedelics.


Kate also serves as Executive Director of Nevada Coalition for Psychedelic Medicines, where she advocates for policy reform on the issue of psychedelics. Kate believes that revising drug policy is a crucial step in bringing much-needed healing to our communities, as well as a critical matter of criminal justice reform.


Kate’s passion for psychedelic therapy dovetails with her studies in depth psychology, Jungian theory, neuroscience, mindfulness, and meditation. She is a certified yoga instructor, a trained flow state coach, and holds degrees in Religion and French. Kate has completed a 20-hour course in the neuroscience of psychedelics, and the Psychedelics Today's 12-month Vital Psychedelic Training Program in Psychedelic Therapies and Integration.

Executive Director & President

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